Mes recherches se concentrent sur les processus d’ hybridation, la mise à nu et la décortication de l’anatomie humaine et animale.
Les chimères sont récurrentes, mais aussi la figure féminine dont le corps devient terrain d’expérimentations anatomiques.
Partant d’une mythologie personnelle, j’essaie, par ces personnages déstructurés ou réagencés, de retracer ces impressions qui sont à l’origine de la nécessité de mon travail.

En permanence
Galerie Béatrice Soulié Paris – Galerie « le coeur au ventre » – Galerie des nanas Danville Québec

I was born between butcher knives and viscera of beef in August 1957 in the Bugey (Rhôn-Alps). Back in the world of work from 18 years and along with my role as a mother, I have always painted.

It is since 2006 that I exclusively dedicated to my work as an artist.
I arrived in Lyon in 2008 was crucial, because for the first time I had a workshop at my disposal. My way of working has changed dramatically, I went from watercolor to acrylic and paper on canvas. This creates a total break transition into my work today, which is claimed and enforced like never before.
Besides painting, my practice has since expanded in the areas of drawing and sculpture on paper.


Dernières créations